Corporate Words Wednesday

There a very few things I dislike more than a little corporate lingo. When people would talk about “crystallizing” and ” getting granular”, I sometimes couldn’t remember if I were in a business or a chemistry lab. 

People in management talk a lot, so I guess they have to twist words from time to time to avoid dead air. It is here that we pay homage to these certifiable Wordsmiths.

How about when someone tells you that they are going to “roll up their sleeves” and “get it right”? Man, that is inspiring! Actually, though, let’s think about this.

If I’m going to “roll up my sleeves” this time then what have I been doing up until now? Going through the motions? Just checking off boxes? Nah. That couldn’t be it. 

You’re going to “get it right” this time??? Ummm, ok, question? What makes this time different than the prior five times you were faced with the same decision and blew it? Ah, yes, you’re going to ” roll up your sleeves” this time. I had forgotten that you had told me that already. 

With minimal effort, I just might forget everything you’ve ever said, in part, because you’ve never said anything! And when you neve say anything, you can never be wrong! Ok, now I get it. 
I’m gonna roll up my sleeves and get it right the next time I post!