I used to have to attend these regional training sessions from time to time. Inevitably, some dingbat higher up the food chain in the company would drop a few million on some type of new found sales success system.  So, we had to sit through it. I’m not saying it was all a waste of time, just most of it

I dreaded them. There would always be some sort of group exercise, not necessarily with a purpose but, hey, the eight hours of the day don’t fill themselves.

Then one person from each person would have to do a “Report Out”. There, my friends, is a corporate words gem. A “Report Out” simply means to gather the nonsense that your team put together and present it to the entire room in a hopefully coherent tone. I guess it just sounds cooler to say “Report Out”. “Report Out” was also a cue that the day was coming to a close and , hey, the alcohol at the bar wasn’t going to drink itself!