Nike Selling Direct Through Amazon. What Would Teddy Roosevelt think?

Nike (NKE:NYSE) has announced that they are selling direct to consumers through Amazon(AMZN:NASDAQ). When I first heard the rumors about this, I had to wonder about the future of stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods. (DKS:NYSE). Nike had resisted this move for a long time but maybe the fact that Adidas (ADDYY:OTCQX) has been taking market share from them warrants a change.

So many retail chains are being pushed to the brink by Amazon. I’ve drawn comparisons between Theodore Roosevelt and Donald Trump. Roosevelt hated the big conglomerates of his time. Back then, they were called “trusts”.

Roosevelt picked a sparring partner with Standard Oil and I sometimes wonder if Trump will take on amazon in a similar fashion.

Retail, it is a changing!


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