WIT – “What I Think”

I think that life is short. No, actually, I know that life is short, as I’m certain that I was 17 just a few days ago.

The “less young” I’ve become, the more I’ve come to believe in the beauty and power of change. If you’re not happy with where you are, in any aspect of your life, there’s a change you can make somewhere. We all deserve an opportunity for change and we all know when it’s time. Not everyone is willing to change until things are right. It can be uncomfortable for you so don’t expect others to follow.

Change, especially in large quantities, is going to be unpopular among some. There will always be critics, often they are captives of their own inertia. Critics can add wonderful fuel to your fire. Respect the critics but focus on the subtle whisper. The subtle whisper from deep inside your soul that encourages you to believe in the magic of new beginnings.