Don’t Worry. Well, Worry but don’t worry!

Everyone has problems. Problems are relative. What seems a big deal to one may be old territory for another. As Elton John so aptly stated, ” Some of us sail through our troubles and some have to live with the scars”. Its the scars that you have to live with that are worth worrying about. You never truly recover from some things.

I’m rambling but my rambling is born out of the fascination I have with what people worry about these days as it pertains to their finances. People are worried about the next correction or the next “crash”. They want to know what will happen to cause the next “Ten percent down”.

What I witnessed in 2008 during the financial crisis is worth worrying about, in my opinion. We weren’t concerned about the next correction, or the next crash. We were concerned about the market failing.  Think about it. We had a systemic problem with toxic debt on every balance sheet in America, it seemed. No one knew what it was worth, so, consequently, no one knew what stocks of the companies were worth. If it was worthless debt, were the companies, themselves, worthless?

Worry not about what the next crisis may be, but rather that there may be another crisis in the first place.