Same Store Sales Blues

It’s always a little bit of a crapshoot when a company that relies on same store sales as a metric reports their results. Same store sales is exactly that: How did existing stores perform versus the same period last year/last quarter? It often measures store around for a certain period of time, often a year.

I received a CNBC alert a few minutes ago that said Home Depot (HD: NYSE) earnings per share of 2.09 versus an expected 2.16 per share, a miss. They reported revenue of 26.49 billion versus an expected 26.57 billion, another miss.

Home Depot, being a retail company, is subject to the same store sales metric. Regrettably, same store sales were up 3.7% versus an expected 4.5%.

Needless to say, the stock is under pressure early in the morning here. Now, to brighten the news a bit, the company announced a dividend hike and a $15 billion share buyback. In a better all around report, this stock would likely have been moving higher. Beware the same store sales!

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