Re-Election Time Is Here

So, it’s now high time for President Trump to turn his attention to getting re-elected for another four years of whatever we have been experiencing since he came into office.

Hyperbole and half truths should be on full throttle from here on out. In the absence of any real contender from the Democratic side, hopefully we escape with the minimum dose of tanning lotion, errr, I mean nonsense. Time will tell

President Trump became the first President to cross the DMZ between North Korea and South Korea over the weekend. The significance of this? None. Who cares? Well, I guess the photo opportunity will be plastered all over the media to show how much he has improved relations with the countries that would like nothing better than to make the United States disappear from the face of the Earth.

While President Trump was taking the “historic” twenty steps into the land where so many Americans gave their lives and remain buried, never to be found, Iran was ramping up its nuclear arsenal.

The best result of the recent G-20 meeting, as told to us, was the truce between the United States and China on the escalating Trade War. So, we won’t see any more tariffs, at least for the time being. The United States agreed to relieve some of the pressure created by the ban on Huawei, a Chinese manufacturer alleged to be a threat to National Security. Odd how the sentiment toward that company changed so quickly, ay?

The Chinese have supposedly agreed to buy large amounts of agricultural products from the United States. This should bode well for winning the vote of the farmers coming up. We don’t know exactly what they have agreed to buy. Maybe soybeans. Maybe marijuana, who knows?